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Get the Facts About Spray Foam Insulation
in Maine

C&C Sprayfoam is Maine’s Leading Spray Foam Insulation Contractor

When you are looking for facts about spray foam insulation in Maine, you can rely on C&C Sprayfoam. The facts are clear: Spray foam insulation is far superior to traditional insulation. And no matter where you are across the state, C&C Sprayfoam in Clinton, ME, is Maine’s leading spray foam insulation contractor.

Spray foam insulation acts as a secondary moisture, air, and vapor barrier to help reduce the risk of moisture intrusion into your walls:

  • Spray foam insulation resists condensation, hinders rot, and slows mold growth.
  • Its use as wall and ceiling insulation also resists moisture in spots where mold may thrive.
  • Installment of spray foam insulation can significantly lower your energy bills and other costs.
  • It prevents the threat of structural water damage from broken pipes, leaky roofs, or windows.

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Just the Facts: Spray Foam Insulation is Right for You

When homeowners and property managers get the facts about spray foam insulation, you can see that it is a great option for your home, office, or other buildings:

• Spray foam insulation significantly outperforms any other insulating option available.

• Spray foam insulation expands from 30 to 130 times its liquid volume, allowing it to completely fill voids and cracks which are often missed with traditional insulation methods. This includes gaps around electrical outlets, light switches, and pipes.

• Spray foam insulation increases the structural strength of your home, office, or other building, in some cases by as much as 400 percent.

• Although your initial financial investment will be higher than traditional insulation methods, spray foam insulation can reduce your fuel costs by as much as 50 percent. This obviously results in amazing savings over time.

• Spray foam insulation acts as an air and moisture barrier. It windproofs and seals floor, wall, and ceiling cavities to prevent air movement. Air cannot seep in from the outside. This also prevents the moisture, spores, and pollen that it carries with it.

• Spray foam insulation is also resistant to mold, mildew, and pests.

We Only Use Quality Products, Giving You the Professional Results

At C&C Sprayfoam, our team uses Nexseal, in our commitment to only using quality spray foam products. Nexseal products have been thoroughly tested to provide our customers with high-quality, consistent results and superior performance overall.

Whether you are building a new home, considering an addition or renovations, or simply trying to lower your energy costs and improve your heat efficiency, let us help you. We know spray foam insulation.

Spray Foam Insulation for homes and businesses in Maine

The right spray foam insulation ensures excellent results, so C&C Sprayfoam is proud to use Gaco™ brand closed cell foam insulation products.

Closed Cell
GacoOnePass Low GWP
Gaco 183M

You Can Rely on C&C Sprayfoam for Spray Foam Insulation Installation

C&C Sprayfoam is your expert spray foam insulation contractor, no matter where you live throughout the entire state of Maine. Our past customers can tell you why you should choose spray foam insulation and trust C&C Sprayfoam to install it. We bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every job, big or small, and as a family-owned and operated business, we will treat you like family, too. As hard-working Maine residents just like you, we understand the meaning of commitment.

The fact is you can rely on us to keep our word, return your calls, and we pride ourselves on meeting deadlines. We have not finished our job until you are happy with it. Whether it is attic, wall, or ceiling insulation, for a residential, commercial, or industrial job, make your first — and only — call to C&C Sprayfoam.


C&C Sprayfoam in Clinton, ME, offers top products and reliable spray foam insulation facts.