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Spray Foam Insulation
in Auburn, Lewiston,
and Winthrop, ME

C&C Sprayfoam is Your Insulation Contractor in Cumberland County, ME

For spray foam insulation in Auburn, Lewiston, Winthrop, and surrounding areas of Cumberland County, ME, call C&C Sprayfoam today! We offer excellence in spray foam insulation services for homes and businesses in Auburn, Lewiston, Winthrop and more. Smart homeowners and business owners choose spray foam insulation for their houses, garages, offices, and other buildings. It works extremely well as attic insulation, wall and ceiling insulation, and in many other uses. Our team of insulation contractors can install spray foam insulation on all sizes of residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

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In Auburn, ME, Spray Foam Insulation is the Smart Choice

Homeowners and business owners all through Auburn, ME, and everywhere in Cumberland County, ME, are turning to spray foam insulation. Many favor its peak performance and excellent heat efficiency. Spray foam insulation is optimal for a variety of applications in both new construction projects and renovations:

  • Traditional wood frame and metal buildings
  • Interior and exterior walls
  • Roofs and ceilings
  • Attic insulation
  • Foundations
  • Crawlspaces
  • Basement box sills
  • Underground water pipes
  • Ice shacks
  • Outside boilers
  • Contractor supply
  • trailers, cargo vans, and truck boxes

Why Should You Invest in Spray Foam Insulation in Lewiston, ME?

It is a fact: Spray foam insulation is far superior to any other kind of insulation. When applied, the spray foam insulation will expand from 30 to 130 times its liquid volume. When this happens, the foam expands into small spaces that other insulations cannot — such as spaces around pipes, electrical outlets, and light switches.

This seals off even the slightest air and moisture and air infiltration, blocking drafts and hampering mildew and mold growth. Spray foam insulation will boost your financial savings and your home or office’s heat efficiency, as well as benefiting overall health far better than traditional insulation. Other benefits include:

  • Moisture and vapor barrier
  • Improve your resale value
  • Tax credits, rebates, and incentives through the Home Energy Savings Program
  • Save on your utilities
  • Commercial use
  • Pest control
  • Health benefits

Choose C&C Sprayfoam for Your Insulation Needs in Winthrop, ME

As spray foam insulation is your smart choice for your home or business, C&C Sprayfoam is the smart choice as your insulation contractor. No matter where you live in Winthrop, ME, or throughout all of Cumberland County, ME, we are your spray foam insulation experts. We understand and utilize the most effective techniques for spray foam insulation application, and we only use top industry products.

Customer reviews offer direct statements about C&C Sprayfoam and the quality of our services. We strive to make your spray foam insulation installation as easy and stress-free as possible for you. Our professional team always returns phone calls as soon as possible, and we aim to always meet our deadlines. We pride ourselves on keeping our word, and we will work tirelessly to uphold it.

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Serving Auburn, Lewiston, Winthrop, and surrounding areas of Cumberland County, ME, contact C&C Sprayfoam for spray foam insulation.