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C&C Sprayfoam provides professional installation of spray foam insulation in residential and commercial environments across the state of Maine.

C&C Sprayfoam

Where Can Spray Foam Insulation Be Used?

Spray foam insulation is used in a variety of applications for both new construction and renovations, including:

• Interior or exterior walls
• Ceilings
• Attics
• Foundations & Crawlspaces
• Underground water pipes
• Outside boilers

C&C Sprayfoam

Why C&C Sprayfoam?

Experience, quality products, competitive prices and great service are a few of the things that set us apart.

Enjoy the convenience and ease of doing business with a family-owned and operated company where phone calls are returned, schedules are met, and customers are happy with the finished product.

We have reasonable rates and welcome all projects, big or small.

Spray foam insulation can help make your home quieter, warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and over time can save you more money in energy bills and heating fuel.

Criteria GacoOnePass Closed-Cell
Spray Foam
Fiberglass Wool Blown
Spray Foam
R-value 6.5+ 3.0 3.5 3.0 3.5
Approved air barried system Yes at 1" thickness No No No Yes at 5.5" thickness
Seamless construction Yes No No No Yes
Rigid Yes No No No No
Fully adhered Yes No No No Yes
Adds structural strength Yes No No No No
Long service life Yes No No No Yes
Absorbs water <4% v/v Yes Yes Yes >40% v/v
Allows moisture vapor in No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Save energy and money

"Had the guys from C&C come and spray the walls of our new 60x100' shop at Bolster's Rubbish Removal. Excellent work, I was very impressed. They taped off all the windows and doors to protect them from over spray and scraped the studs so we could drywall the next week without any extra work. They swept and cleaned any mess before they left. Today our furnace didn't have to turn on at all, saving lots of money! Thanks guys!"

-Matt Bolster, Bolster's Rubbish Removal